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Student Monthly Ticket Conditions of Use
Definition: All references to “Student Monthly Ticket” as hereinafter appearing shall mean all Standard or Personalised Octopus cards which have been encoded with a Student Monthly Ticket Function of our company.
  1. Student Monthly Tickets issued are subject to the "Student Monthly Ticket - Conditions of Use” and Octopus Cards Limited’s Condition of Issue of Octopus. There will be no refund or replacement of Student Monthly Ticket if ticket holders breach any of the above mentioned Conditions.
  2. The Student Monthly Tickets are valid only for the month issued.
  3. Student Monthly Ticket entitles ticket holder to make one round-trip ordinary class of ordinary ferryfor specified route, which must be completed on the same day. Ticket holder can upgrade to deluxe class of ordinary ferry or fast ferry at the rates on the departure date.
  4. It is necessary for Student Monthly Ticket holders to ensure there is sufficient value in the Octopus to pay the fare adjustment or proceed to Customer and Octopus Service Centre to add value into the Octopus before paying the fare adjustment at designated gates to board deluxe class of ordinary ferries or fast ferries. Manual fare adjustment by cash is not available at all ticketing offices.
  5. Student Monthly Ticket is only for applicant’s own use and non-transferrable. Share use with other person is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Our company reserves the right to request the Student Monthly Ticket holder to present the document which can prove his student identity. The Student Monthly Ticket will be voided immediately when found being used by the non-applicant and the applicant will be forbidden to re-apply the Student Monthly Ticket.
  6. Unused trip(s) of Student Monthly Ticket is/are non-refundable and non-replaceable under any circumstances beyond our company’s control including but not limited to suspension of service due to the severe weather, labour strike and accidents, etc. All refunds under other circumstance(s) are at our company's discretion.
  7. When the Octopus is lost or malfunctions, Student Monthly Ticket holder please send an email to stating the name, concerned Octopus number and contact information to apply for the re-encoding of the Student Monthly Ticket Function. If the holder had returned the Octopus with Student Monthly Ticket Function via other transport operators, the application for re-encoding the Student Monthly Ticket Function is subject to the final approval of our company. The handling process takes around 7 working days and the holder(s) must pay full fare during such period.
  8. When a Personalised Octopus card or Octopus card with Automatic Add Value Service is lost, Student Monthly Ticket holder(s) must report loss to Octopus Cards Limited. The holder with the lost card proof shall contact our Customer Service representative via Customer Service Hotline (852) 2131 8181 for the re-encoding of the Student Monthly Ticket Function as soon as possible.
  9. Student Monthly Ticket holders do not have the priority for boarding or upgrading to deluxe class of ordinary ferries or fast ferries.
  10. The validity of eligible "Student Status" of Student Monthly Ticket holder is categorised by classes and is shown in the table below. Upon expiry of the validity, a new application must be arranged via "Online Application of Student Monthly Ticket" not less than one month before the expiry date.

    Validity of Eligible "Student Status"

    ClassExpiry Date of Validity
    Primary Four or below31/10/2023
    Primary Five31/10/2022
    Primary Six31/10/2021
    Secondary Four or below31/10/2023
    Secondary Five31/10/2022
    Secondary Six31/10/2021
    Tertiary Institution31/10/2021 (Validity to be renewed on a yearly basis)
    International SchoolThe expiry date of validity of eligible “Student Status” will be equivalent to the “Class” of Primary and Secondary curricula as listed above. For individual cases, please send enquiries to
    Special School
  11. The fare of Student Monthly Ticket is subject to change according to the fare adjustment approved by the Transport Department without prior notice. The notices of fare adjustment will be displayed at the piers, our website and mobile app.
  12. Our company reserves the right to change the aforesaid terms and conditions without prior notice. In the event of dispute, decisions of our company shall be final.