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Concerns on Staff

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe staff are our treasurable assets. Priorities have been given to staff development and fulfillment by providing diversified training courses and leisure classes to the staff, nominating them for different recognition schemes as well as holding different kinds of staff activities to help maintain staff’s work-life balance.

Staff development

Diversified training courses are provided to the our staff.


Apprentices were nominated for the “Outstanding Apprenticeship Award”


Leadership training workshop encourages management to understand the attributes of good leadership.

Staff activities

A variety of staff activities have been held by our Recreation Group and staff were also encouraged to form teams to participate in different sports competitions with a view to enhance team spirit and instill a sense of belonging.


Boat trips were arranged for a visit to Grass Island.

Basketball competition_2019

Our staff partook in “New World Group Basketball League”.

Bun scrambling competition_2019

Our staff participated in “Bun Scrambling Competition - Invitation Relay”.