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The First Ferry Passengers Liaison Group (Central-Mui Wo route) was successfully held on 2 May 2019. Attendees shared their concerns actively with constructive opinions provided while the First Ferry (“NWFF”) management thanked the attendees for the valuable comments and promised to follow-up promptly. At the same time, the First Ferry management has the following sharing with the attendees:


A.    Follow-ups of the Passenger Liaison Group (Central-Mui Wo route) held in November 2017:

1.     In response to attendees’ suggestion, NWFF had contacted the Housing Authority in early 2018 and obtained the basic residents’ demographic information of the two new estates, and a survey had been conducted in October 2018 to collect the in-depth demographic data of the residents and their daily travel patterns to assess the impact of the newly moved residents on the passengers’ demand of Mui Wo route, so as to provide appropriate sailing arrangements. So far, around 120 responses had been received.

2.     In response to attendee’s comment, NWFF had updated the evacuation maps by adding the QR code posting on each vessel which passengers can download and view the information anytime.

3.     In response to attendee’s comment, NWFF had adjusted and provided onboard announcement with concise content.


B.    Latest service updates of NWFF:

1.     In view of the slight increase of passenger caused from new household in Mui Wo and tourists, NWFF has made great efforts to provide additional sailings with the available fleet resources.

2.     NWFF’s Mobile App has got a brand-new look with useful functions like “Instant Seating Status” and “Online Monthly Ticket Purchase” added. Passengers can also receive the latest sailing information quickly and easily through activating the “Push Notification” during the time-critical situation like typhoon season.

3.     NWFF is now applying to the Transport Department for purchasing an additional fast ferry with over 400 seats in order to cater for the passenger demand on Mui Wo route.


Please click here for the recaps of the meeting and First Ferry’s post-meeting follow-up action plans.


First Ferry management would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to attendees for their precious time in participating in the Passenger Liaison Group and comments contributing to the betterment of the ferry services. Passengers are welcome to provide valuable opinions to First Ferry via Customer Service Hotline: 2131 8181, Customer Service Hotfax: 2131 8877 and email: