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First Ferry just received the information from Department of Health’s Centre for Health Protection about the sailings taken by a recent confirmed case of COVID-19 (Case No:386) as follows:

  From 7 March to 14 March 2020 & from 17 March to 20 March 2020

-6:10am ordinary-ferry sailing from Central to Mui Wo;

-7:30pm ordinary-ferry sailing from Mui Wo to Central

The above sailings had been deployed by “Xin Guang”, “Xin Zhong”, “Xin Ying” and “Xin Jie”.


First Ferry does implement extensive cleaning and sanitization works on the concerned vessels daily, while the health conditions of the concerned crew members remain normal and we will continue to monitor closely.


First Ferry once again appeals to all passengers to wear masks when going out and consult doctor upon feeling unwell. Thank you for your co-operation.