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According to a survey report*, plastic waste accounts for 21% of Hong Kong’s municipal solid waste and around 200 tonnes of disposable plastic tableware were disposed of at landfills every day in local. In the face of excessive plastic waste issue, public could help by reducing waste at source and cut down on using disposable plastic tableware and containers. New World First Ferry Services Limited (“First Ferry”) is going to introduce its green activity aimed to encourage the reduction of use of disposable plastic food/beverage containers by offering fare rebate to the passengers which is named, “First Ferry “BYOC+” Campaign” (“the Campaign”).


The Campaign starts from 28 June for four consecutive Fridays. Passengers who bring their own reusable food/beverage containers to make purchase on food or beverages from the shops at Central Pier 5, Central Pier 6, Cheung Chau Pier and Mui Wo Pier during designated period are eligible to enjoy 10% fare rebate of the following ferry trip via making a simple registration with the assistance of the First Ferry Green Ambassadors.

Anthea Chau, Corporate Communications Manager of First Ferry, says, “This is the first time First Ferry introducing the environmentally-friendly campaign with fare rebate offering to passengers, to encourage their reduction of the use of disposable plastic / polyfoam food containers. A small game as a prelude of the Campaign had been held and a set of exquisite meal box with tableware has given to each winner who could bring the meal box to take part in the Campaign as well. We expect over thousands passengers will join the campaign as a whole. The feasibility of holding this kind of campaign regularly will be reviewed based on the responses of the participants later on.”


“First Ferry has been sparing no effort in implementing diversified environmental initiatives to bring demonstrative effects to the society. To promote green living to our passengers, we just introduced two eco-friendly distilled water station in Central Pier 5 recently. Passengers can refill their own water bottles instead of buying the disposable plastic water bottles to further reduce single-use plastic. Previously, reuse and recycling programmes such as ‘Lai See Packet Recycle and Reuse Programme’ and ‘Let’s Support Drink Carton Recycling’ had been organised to enhance the public awareness on environmental protection. Regarding the operation of First Ferry, we had set up “Solar Energy Garden” at the rooftop of First Ferry’s Office Building in late 2018 by making use of solar energy to reduce the pollution generating from the coal-fired electricity. In addition, the installation of solar panels on a ferry as a trial to drive the operations of ventilation system onboard had been introduced.” She said.

Data Source: ““Monitoring of Solid Waste” in Hong Kong 2015

The schedule of “First Ferry’s “BYOC+” Campaign” is shown as follows:






8:30 – 17:30

Central Pier 5

W.K. Snack Bar (Central)


8:00 – 17:00

Mui Wo Pier

Silver Beach Snack, Pacific Coffee


8:00 – 17:00

Cheung Chau Pier

Praya Red Horse Cake Shop, 日光便利店


8:30 – 17:30

Central Pier 6

Central Mei Heung Yuen, Café Lantau

Details of the Campaign could be referred to the First Ferry website at, “First Ferry” mobile app and the promotional materials at piers. Passengers  could also call First Ferry Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2131 8181 for any inquiries.


Photo captions: 


010_20190625_First Ferry's BYOC+ Campaign_1

First Ferry introduces its first green activity of rewarding the passengers who show support to plastic-free by offering fare rebate

010_20190625_First Ferry's BYOC+ Campaign_2

Passengers bringing their own reusable food/beverage containers to purchase food or beverages from the shops at piers during designated period are entitled to take part in the Campaign

010_20190625_First Ferry's BYOC+ Campaign_3

First Ferry Green Ambassadors will guide the passengers to the registration point to make a simple registration

010_20190625_First Ferry's BYOC+ Campaign_4

Follow the instructions of First Ferry Green Ambassadors to tap their Octopus for registration and passengers can enjoy 10% fare rebate of the following ferry trip after 7 working days