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On 19th August 2017, Monthly Ticket Passages (“the Passages”) located at fast ferry zones in Central Pier No. 5 (near the ticket office) and in Cheung Chau Ferry Pier (near Cheung Chau Police Post) respectively will be officially launched.


According to the instruction of the Transport Department, the Passages open every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (except the Jiao Festival held on the birthday of the Buddha)*. Railings will be set up to separate the queuing space along the one-way Passages.


The Passages open when the tickets of the first sailing (scheduled sailings departing after 12:30am) are ready to sell and close when the suspension of ticket selling of the last sailing (scheduled sailings departing at or before 12:30am on the next day). A light box above each Passage will be lit during the opening of the Passages.


Passengers holding an Octopus with First Ferry Octopus Monthly Ticket (“MT”) encoded solely without other types of First Ferry ticket(s) and the entitled trips of MT have not been completed on the same day are eligible to pass through the Passages.


Detailed arrangements please refer to the “Monthly Ticket Passages – Frequently Asked Questions”.


* During the non-implementation period of the Passages, the designated gates will be opened for all passengers to use.