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15th Anniversary

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Riding with First Ferry for 15 years

15 Jan 2015 marks First Ferry’s 15th Anniversary. To share the joy and to show our appreciation to the support of passengers, First Ferry is embarked on a series of celebrations including surprise offer from Nov 2014 onwards.
The kick-off programme is the “First Ferry‧15th Anniversary‧Stamp Design Competition”, in which all secondary and primary students in Hong Kong are invited to participate. Details are as follows.

Riding with First Ferry for 15 years
Please stay tuned for the details of our unmissable activities.
Celebration Activities
-First Ferry 15th Anniversary Lucky Draw (Details)

From 28 January to 3 April 2015, passengers purchasing two or more* First Ferry monthly tickets of the same route will automatically enter the “First Ferry 15th Anniversary Lucky Draw”. The grand prize is the entitlement of Free Monthly Ticket of a specificed ferry route for a year!
*Ticket issued in same month is counted as one ticket only

First Ferry 15<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Lucky Draw

-First Ferry Bears (Anniversary Edition) Charity Sales (Details)

To celebrate First Ferry 15th Anniversary, First Ferry Bears (Anniversary Edition) in smart uniforms are going to be born! A complete set is produced in limited stock, includes six bears, namely Professional Coxswain, Smart Sailor, Mighty Engineer, Intelligent Chief Engineer, Responsible Inspector and Friendly Pier Assistant is waiting for living in your sweet home!

First Ferry Bears (Anniversary Edition) Charity Sales

-First Ferry‧15th Anniversary‧Stamp Design Competition (Details)

All secondary and primary students in Hong Kong are cordially invited to participate in the “First Ferry‧15th Anniversary‧Stamp Design Competition”. Unleash your creativity to celebrate First Ferry’s 15th Anniversary and materialize your unique stamp!

First Ferry 15th Anniversary Stamp Design Competition