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Chi Ma Wan Country Trail
(Chi Ma Wan - Mui Wo)

Departing from Chi Ma Wan Pier, this trail is a rewarding journey that is worth it for spending around 3 hours to complete. The route goes through the wetland with the terrace, the Lagoon as well as the intertidal zone in Shap Long Chung Hau. In addition, the stunning panorama of the offshore islands when viewing from the highest point of Tai Ngau Wu is a spot cannot be missed. Hikers can enjoy a leisurely picnic or BBQ off the beaten track in Pak Fu Tin Camp Site or Barbecue Site too.


Chi Ma Wan Pier – Chi Ma Wan Training Center – Shap Long Kau Tsuen –the Lagoon – Highest point of Tai Ngau Wu - Pak Fu Tin Camp Site & Barbecue Site–The Pavilion – Mui Wo Pier


To Chi Ma Wan Pier: Taking First Ferry Inter Islands ferry route departing from Cheung Chau or Mui Wo

To Mui Wo: First Ferry operates an ordinary-ferry service and a fast-ferry service from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo, which take around 55 - 60 minutes and 35 - 40 minutes to destination respectively