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Breastfeeding Room Onboard

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The number of breastfeeding mothers in Hong Kong is on the rise nowadays as a result of the acquaintance with breastfeeding benefits. In order to provide a comfortable and private space for breastfeeding mothers amidst Hong Kong’s public transportation and implant the breastfeeding-friendly concept in Hong Kong community, the first-ever onboard breastfeeding room in triple-deck vessel "Xin Guang" has commenced its service since June 2016.


The 4.6-square-meter breastfeeding room features caring facilities such as: 

● Air-conditioning

● Sofa

● Diaper pad

● Washing basin

● Hand dryer

● Commodity Shelf

● Alcohol-Free handrub

● Intercom

● Emergency bell

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First Ferry is going to extend this initiative to other three ferries (Xin Chao, Xin Fei and Xin Guo) and the installation is expected to be completed by end of 2017. First Ferry is dedicated to providing a breastfeeding-friendly public environment in its constant strive to become a corporate role model in support of this policy, as well as to render further support to the breastfeeding mothers. 

As part of its continued support for the breast-feeding campaign, First Ferry is devoted to taking part in the " Say Yes to Breastfeeding Support for Breastfeeding" campaign initiated by The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, in association with the Food and Health Bureau and the Department of Health, and became the first Hong Kong public transport to participate in the campaign. We hope to cooperate with various organizations in efforts to turn Hong Kong become breastfeeding friendly city. 

Use of breastfeeding room: 

1. Passengers are welcome to use the breastfeeding room by informing the staff at “Customer and Octopus Services Centre” at piers before boarding, or approaching our crewmember during the journey.

2. Notes to users of breastfeeding room