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Sun Ferry Services Company Limited (“Sun Ferry”) is pleased to announce that Sun Ferry has successfully been awarded the five-year ferry service licences for operating inner harbour ferry routes plying between North Point and Hung Hom together with North Point and Kowloon City. The new licences will become effective from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2026.


Under the new licences, Sun Ferry will upgrade the facilities onboard those deployed vessels by provision of free onboard mobile devices charging service, as well as equipping the vessels with luggage racks and wheelchair parking lots. Enhancement works will also be carried out to improve the facilities in the North Point Pier, Kowloon City Pier and Hung Hom Pier.


Owing to the persistently low patronage, whereas the charter hire expenses and fuel costs have been soaring continually, there is a pressing need for Sun Ferry to adjust fares under the new licences in order to maintain the sustainability of inner habour ferry services. The new fares for the adult single journey will be increased by HK$1 to HK$8.5 while for the child will be increased by HK$0.5 to HK$4.3. The fare of monthly ticket will be adjusted to HK$340. Details of the new fares will be uploaded to Sun Ferry’s website and mobile app for passengers’ reference on 1 April.


In addition, a five-year ferry service licence for operating the special ferry route of North Point to/from Joss House Bay is granted to Sun Ferry while the fare remains unchanged.