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Chi Ma Wan Country Trail (Chi Ma Wan - Mui Wo) locates in the Section 12 of the Lantau Trail and it takes around 3 hours to complete the trail with a total distance of 9 kilometers from Chi Ma Wan Pier to Mui Wo Pier. It is an eco-tour where you can find the terrace and intertidal zone. The route also goes through a number of beautiful scenery spots and spectacular views over the offshore islands such as Chi Ma Wan, Hei Ling Chau, Discovery Bay and Cheung Chau.

Chi Ma Wan Country Trail (Chi Ma Wan - Pui O) is a less than five-kilometer trail that could be completed within 1.5 hours while takes in the whole scene of natural particularities at once along Chi Ma Wan.

Tung Mui Ancient Trail stretches from Tung Chung to the Mui Wo section of the Islands Nature Heritage Trail combining with historical value and beautiful natural scenery. It had been the only way for the residents going between Tung Chung and Mui Wo before road transport was available in Tung Chung.

Tung O Ancient Trail is a footpath running along the coastline of northern Lantau that connects Tung Chung and Tai O. The route takes around 4 to 6 hours to complete depending on individual hikers.